What is ARC?

Alliance Reentry Centers or ARC is a reentry and success center. We believe reentry starts at sentencing and there needs to be a “Re-entry Plan” for each person sentenced. We would like to be a part of that process. Our plan is to build out 1,500 to 3,000 beds over the next 3 – 5 years for the housing and success component. We just need access to people in prison who will get out some day and possibly funding for those who are clearly indigent or absolutely no family or other support.

We currently have one 56 – 60 bed facility in Bessemer, Alabama called ARC of Bessemer for men only. We invision ARC of Montgomery, ARC of Tuscaloosa, ARC of Mobile, ARC of Huntsville, ARC of Dothan, and ARC of Birmingham to start. We will be able to take men and women, all offenses even including sex offenders, which are the hardest to find housing. The key components to success are making sure when men and women are released, they have all or most, if not all, of the tools to succeed from simple government identifications to affordable housing and food; and most importantly, a Job. Most people can pay but some, cannot. Those are the one’s we will need government help for – a Hand Up, not a Hand Out. Some may need a 60 to 90 day jump start or help covering their needs. If they cannot make it in that period of time, then they will never make it. However, the cost would be far less than their cost to house and take care of them in ADOC. Anyone in our program or who is selected to be in our program will have had to have procured their GED or already have graduated high school, received/receiving a trade and meet our standards for release. We recognize not everyone that wants a “Second Chance,” is ready for that Second Chance. There needs to be beds available for those people who have not yet understood that criminal thinking and activity is not acceptable to society, i.e. us. But for those that have gone through the program we are proposing both in and out of prison, we believe will be a high rate of success.

Success translates and equates to ultimately, helping to fix the dangerous and unconstitutional overcrowding problem and a big one, save the taxpayers’ money which then you can allocate more of the budget to better suited line items such as fixing prisons, building better prisons, hiring correctional officers and staff or for the children and their education and well being, elderly, roads, etc. that shows your constituents that you are indeed making a difference and fixing a problem, not necessarily you created, but, again, inherited and now you are doing something about that should work for the majority.


Here are the Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ARC?
ARC of Bessemer or ARC is a Re-Entry and Success center in Bessemer, Alabama. We believe we can help men and women (soon) re-enter society and become whole and successful citizens again.
What ARC is not?
We are not a halfway house, because we do not believe in half measures. We are not a transition center, because you can transition to one state or condition to another. Also, ARC is not a drug and recovery center. We can work with drug and recovery programs and we do drug test our participants. We have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol in our program.
What is ARC Program?
ARC Program is a 2nd Chance for a person to re-enter into society from being in jail or prison, to change their “stinking thinking” and get the necessary tools to succeed.
What are the Costs?
The Program costs $4,100.00 for the 6-months. Payments are acceptable. There is a minimum of $500.00 down and $150.00 per week.
How long is the ARC Program?
The main ARC Program is 6-months; however, there is an option to extend to one of our (proposed) grad houses to continue to help you with your housing plans as most “felons or ex-felons” cannot get housing after their background is checked.
What kind of offenders can the ARC take?
At this time, ARC can only take men but cannot take sex offenders. We are working on solutions for all ex-offenders including women ex-offenders.
What can I bring to or have at ARC?
Main device you will need is a cell phone. Yes, we require a cell phone and you can have one. We have developed an innovative mobile app to monitor our participants, but more than that, to also be a tool that will help them succeed. A smart phone is really needed so you can take advantage of job postings, notifications, and other benefits we are affording our participants. If you cannot afford one, then, upon getting food stamps, you can go over to Assurance and we can get you a smart phone for free. As far as clothing and other items, you should not have any more than a duffle bag full or less as there is not a lot of room for a bunch of “stuff.” If you have a tv and want to bring it, then that is fine. Also, mini-fridge (dorm style), linen and pillows, and towels are suggested even though we do provide linen, a pillow and a towel. We do not provide toiletry and food except for 1 roll when you get here if you need it and 1 hot meal Monday thru Friday in the evening if you want it.
Can I continue in the network of ARC when I graduate?
ARC is building a substantial state-wide network from powerful individuals to corporations, churches and civic organizations that want to see you continue in your success. Upon graduating the ARC Program, you will always be in the network and be able to log on your phone or your desktop computer and be plugged into one of the most upcoming powerful network in Alabama for ex-offenders.
How do I apply-Next step?
Potential Applicants need to fill out either the one pager or the 4 page Application to ARC. Either go online to www.arcofbessemer.com and click APPLY or call or write us to get an application sent.